The GFSC greatly values any information brought forward by a member of the public, an employee or a client of a regulated entity that will assist it in discharging its regulatory objectives. To this end, the GFSC takes all notifications received of misconduct and non-compliance by regulated entities and/or individuals within very seriously.

The GFSC can confirm it has a secure and protected process to assess notifications of this nature and that it will protect all information received.  The individual’s disclosure and information will be dealt with on a confidential basis and we will take the appropriate steps necessary to protect the individual’s identity. 

Upon receiving information from an individual, the GFSC will confirm in writing that the information has been received and referred to the team for further assessment.  All information is stored on a secure database and once assessed we will inform whether or not the GFSC will consider taking further action. The GFSC may request for further supporting information and may contact the regulated entity and/or the individual for such additional information.  Additional information that is received but shows not to be useful for the case will be securely stored for future application if the matter changes. 

Contact us

To confidentially report potential or actual breaches or misconduct by regulated entities and/or an individual, please contact the GFSC by email at [email protected] or write to;

Gibraltar Financial Services Commission

Financial Crime

PO Box 940

Suite 3, Ground Floor, Atlantic Suites

Europort Avenue


You may also call our dedicated whistleblowing line on +350 200 45902. Calls made to this line during working hours will be handled by a member of the AML/CFT team. If a member of the team is unavailable to take the call or the call is made outside working hours, the line will go to voicemail and will be accessed by a member of the AML/CFT team at the earliest opportunity. Please note that telephone calls may be recorded.

Callers may be asked for their contact details but may choose to remain anonymous.  Any additional information provided, such as, the name of the entity, names of any individuals involved in the misconduct, dates of the occurrence, location and type of misconduct and any supporting evidence or documentation which may assist the GFSC in their response will be useful.