A Guide: Payment Services

Transaction Timing

Any transactions you make must be effected the day after the business day you placed the payment order. Electronic money transfers to pay bills or other people will also have to be completed by close of business the next day.

If your transaction is not in Euros or a currency of a Member State that has not adopted the euro, for example US Dollar, your transaction should be executed within four business days.

Cash placed on a payment account

Cash placed by a consumer with a payment service provider for credit to a payment account must be credited to the account, value dated and made available immediately after the payment service provider has received the funds. Interest (if applicable) must be paid on your balance transfers as soon as the money is received into the payment account by the payment institution.

This only applies if the account is denominated in the same currency as the cash. For other circumstances an extra business day is allowed.

Although payment institutions are not covered by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme the safeguarding provisions are intended to prevent you losing money in the event of a bankruptcy of a payment institution.