Please note that firms must first liaise with Companies House Gibraltar before applying with or notifying the GFSC. 

Re-domiciliation into Gibraltar

We will treat such notifications in the same way as new applications. Please refer to the following section of our website for details on submitting a new application.

Depending on where the firm is re-domiciling from, and the country’s legislative requirements, our process may slightly change. 

Approval Process

Please submit the relevant documentation via E-mail to [email protected] with the following information in the subject field: ‘Name of Firm – Re-domiciliation In’. Paper copies are not required unless indicated by the Authorisation team. 

If the firm is re-domiciling from an EEA state and licensed under a relevant EU Directive, we do not require the submission of a full application. Please contact the Authorisations team so that we can confirm documentation.  


Please note that such notifications will be treated in the same way as new applications, therefore the relevant application fee is payable.

Re-domiciliation out of Gibraltar

Firms must have the consent of the Registrar to establish a domicile abroad. 

Approval Process

Once our Supervisory Team has approved the re-domiciliation, the firm must surrender their permissions. Please refer to the following section of our website for details.

Please note that there may be additional requirements subject to the type of permissions and/or supervisory plan of the firm.

If the firm passports their services to another jurisdiction, the Authorisations team will inform the relevant Regulators once we have the received all the documentation required to surrender the firm’s permissions. 


There are no fees for a re-domiciliation out of Gibraltar.