GFSC Consumer Education Programme

We established our consumer education programme to protect consumers by raising awareness of financial services and products, which in turn promotes understanding and enables consumers to keep their money safe.

Our consumer education programme aims to provide information about financial services that helps consumers understand how the financial industry and products work to allow them to make informed decisions about their money.  As we’ve found that the more consumers know about how financial services work, the less likely they are to be scammed or to make a bad financial decision, ultimately empowering them to keep their money safe.

As part of our consumer education programme, we visit local schools to teach children of all ages about money - as we think it’s important to have a good understanding about finances from a young age.  We also publish different information leaflets and have the Moneywise website that includes resources for consumers of all ages to help them increase their overall financial knowledge.  To see the latest updates, visit our Moneywise website.

IOSCO World Investor Week

Each year, usually in October, we join nations from around the world to promote the IOSCO[1]World Investor Week (WIW). WIW is a worldwide campaign to highlight the importance of investor education and protection. 

During recent WIWs we have largely focused on fraud and scam prevention with the aim of raising fraud-awareness and keeping consumers safe.  To see more information about these campaigns and to keep up-to-date with future events, please visit our Moneywise website.